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                The Official 2018 Promo Film of FINN Adviseurs B.V. 

                   The Official 2014 TV Commercial of Emirates Airlines. 



CVN is hosting a monthly night of film screening event in Montfoort, The Netherlands. Filmmakers of all walk of life are invited to present their craft to the local audience. At the end of every night, a Q&A session is open allowing creative minds to interact with curious audiences. 

Stay tuned to the upcoming event hosted in Montfoort where we thrive to empower and promote local film talents. We do this with the support and contribution of our partners and sponsors. The last movie night was held on June 8 2018 at 19:30. Visit our social media pages to RSVP for upcoming event; or simply email us at:

Filmmaker wishing to participate to a CVN’s FILM NIGHT should address their intention to the management at

Actor Mitchell Torlentino and CVN's Dorothy Owusu at the FINN Adviseurs B.V. Video Release in Montfoort.

Filmmaker can submit one short film at the time. The duration of the film is max. 25min. Four to five short films will be presented to the audience. (Find the application on our website. Submission is free). There’ll be a  pre-selection and the winner of the Night will receive The CVN Film-Prize for the best short of the night. The audience serves as a jury! From drama, thriller, comedy, music video, documentary, animation to experimental (and so on) any genre is possible. After each film a short Q&A will give the chance to filmmakers and audience to talk about what they’ve just seen. The CVN Screening is a new platform for filmmakers and filmfans in the Netherlands– It provides opportunities for young filmmakers or established ones to “test” a film in front of an audience for the very first time, to get a feedback, to get a chance to present work at all or to get contact to other filmmakers for future projects. 

Deadline for submissions is 14 days to each CVN screening night. 


Dates for 2019 events to be announced soon.