About our Workshops.

Culture Vision Netherlands (CVN) and Montfoort Film Studios B.V. join forces to offer Camera Acting and broad Film Workshops for beginners and aspiring actors and filmmakers. The classes will be held in one of the unique location in Montfoort: Hollywoud movie and events farm in Montfoort. Filmmaker Didier Chabi and other International guests film teachers will conduct the periodical workshops from June this year. Enrollment will be available soon. For more info please use our contact page. 


The small group of max 10 students will spend a pleasant whole day of eight hours on a real film set. They will work through basic scene preparation, script analysis and scene sphere in preparation for their on-camera performance. A high quality video footage of the film day will be available for showreel usage. Workshop given by Filmmaker and acting instructor, Didier Chabi from Montfoort Film Studios B.V.

Total fee including catering: €90,-
Date: Contact us for details
Time: 8:00 am to 16:00 pm
Place: Strooberg Boerderij in Montfoort
On-Camera Acting workshop is sponsored by CAMERA RENTALS AMSTERDAM and VOCAS Hilversum