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A presentation of the New Promo Film for FINN Adviseurs B.V. and Montfoort Mon Amour filmseries was made On 08 of June 2018 from 19h30-20h30 in Montfoort.

From left to right: Mrs Valerie Banybah Chairwoman CVN, Montfoort City Mayor mw. mr. Petra van Hartskamp-de Jong, Mr Sander Mulder CEO of FINN Adviseurs B.V Montfoort.
From left to right: Actor Mitchell Torlentino, FINN Adviseurs CEO Sander Mulder, Director Didier Chabi


CVN is hosting a monthly night of film screening event in Montfoort, The Netherlands and soon at other venues overseas. Filmmakers of all walk of life are invited to present their craft to the local audience. At the end of every night, a Q&A session is open allowing creative minds to interact with curious audiences. Making a use of audiovisual tools to engage and empower the worldwide societies into the processes of various development (Technology, Culture, Art, Sport and not limited to Economy) those are the ideologies behind the work frame of CVN, Explained by Chairwoman Valerie Banybah.

Stay tuned to the upcoming event hosted in Montfoort where we thrive to empower and promote local film talents. We do this with the support and contribution of our partners and sponsors. The upcoming film night is on August 3rd 2018 at 19:30 in Montfoort. Are you interested to attend the upcoming event, visit our social media pages to RSVP; or simply email us at: info@cvnetherlands.nl

Filmmaker wishing to participate to a CVN’s FILM NIGHT should click the button bellow to submit their film at NO cost.

Directed by Didier Chabi.  Story by Valerie Banybah. © 2018 MFS Netherlands, Germany.

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Filmmaker Didier Chabi, Featuring in the new Commercial of Emirates Airlines.

CVN is a non-profit organisation who relies on various sponsorships and on every little contribution from organisations and from individuals like yourself. This is your opportunity to endorse the CVN FILM NIGHTS.  Donate Now!  

CVN is een non-profit organisatie die afhankelijk is van verschillende sponsorschappen en van elke kleine bijdrage van organisaties en van individuen zoals uzelf. Dit is jouw kans om de CVN FILMAVONDEN te steunen. 

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